Provided Health Care (Counseling and use of hygiene kits) and distributed medicines in the flood affected area of Nowshera Kalan

Human Shield in collaboration with Saba Aslam Welfare and Education Trust, gave effective medicines and proper health care and counseling to 500 families under the guidance of qualified and experienced doctors. Human Shield has organized two days medical camp at District Nowshehra Kalan and Meetha Khel. Saba Trust had given two types of medicines (Cephalexin and Sertraline Hydrochloride), other medicines (Panadol, Flagyl, Bascopan, Nauquin, Ponstan, ORS etc. as per prescription of doctor). Administrative cost was afforded by Human Shield.

Human Shield has thanked the volunteer effort of doctors and appreciated their services by giving away the certificates and appreciated the generous cooperation of District Government, to acknowledge efforts of above mentioned, organization has given them appreciation certificates. Human Shield Emergency Response Team (HSERT) has also participated in counseling activities. Saba Trust has awarded appreciation certificate to Human Shield (copy is attached).

This activity turned successful. Attached below are pictures showing the real scene of activity


A glimpse of scene during the medical camp in Nowshera Kalan


Medical camp for the victims of flood at Nowshera Kalan


Medical camp for the victims of flood at Nowshera Kalan