Participants of the discussion “Human Rights”

A case of domestic violence/women human rights

In details, a case of domestic violence was reported as the victim approached our office for justice and protection. The said victim Ms. (victim) escaped from the trap of the person who married her few months ago. According to her statement, she told that the accused person used her in the unethical business of prostitution against her will. And on her refusal, the accused tortured the victim physically and mentally. The victim suffered a period of more than two months in the trap of accused person. When she escaped from the trap, the accused tried a lot to find her and get her back to the said business. In the mean time victim contacted our organization for support, shelter, protection and justice. Our organization supported her fully by giving support, shelter, protection and justice. On the way, our organization fix all those matters related to her but still she is insecure because the hands of this kind of mafia use to the stronger and same kind fear she is facing that the accused is threatening her of die consequences and many other threats for other family members related to her. As we are the advocates of the Human Rights, what we done was our responsibility and duty but in consequence of helping the poor victim, we also are been threatened on various occasion, even our office was targeted and some important document and many other thing were stolen from the office of Human Shield.

Another case of domestic violence

Our organization is working on the said topic of Human Rights and also understands the importance of the critical issues in our society and we are taking bold steps to curb the evil and create such a strong resistance against the violation of Human Rights