First Aid Camp in Muharram-ul-Harram

On Dec 13, 2010, Human Shield organized First Aid Camp during the month of Muharram at I-9 Imam Bargha. Human Shield has arranged First Aid and also took part in security measures with the team of doctors and emergency voluntarily responders have successfully completed the above said event.

Human Shield has distributed different type of emergency medicine for the purpose of care and relief.

Volunteer activity during Moharram-ul-Harram by Human Shield with Islamabad Police Volunteer services (First Aid) provided during bomb blast in I-8 Markaz

Human Shield, with its staff members and volunteers provided services when a bomber hit a private bank, located at I-8 Markaz. The team of emergency responders reached the site within minutes and started working there in collaboration with Islamabad Police and other security agencies. The team of Human Shield also provided the first aid at the site of blast.

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Strong representation in the project of Community Policing

From the board of Human Shield, a team of volunteers and staff members is participating in newly launched project of Islamabad Police under the banner of Community Policing. This project aims to enhance cooperation among people and the Police. In a result, it will make the Police a public oriented institution and increased cooperation will lessen the crime in the society. It will also help to identify the activist elements harming our society from different directions